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Violence Prevention in the Workplace

Violence is the top security concern of the American workplace today, according to a recent survey done by Pinkerton Security Services.  OSHA statistics show violence to be one of the leading causes of death to American workers.  Although electronic monitoring, security guards, fences, and metal detectors are ways of protecting employees from harm, one of the most effective deterrents to workplace violence is the supervisor.  The vigilance of a well-trained supervisor can become the first line of defense to this increasingly serious concern.    This program is in compliance with NYS Workplace Violence Prevention requirements.

Violence in the Workplace – Introduction

  • Workplace violence statistics
  • OSHA, PESH and NYS WVPP obligations
  • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • Legal issues: negligent hiring and retention, right to privacy, defamation
  • Prevention is the key

The Potential for Violence - What to Look For

  • Types and levels of violence
  • Risk assessment of the workplace
  • The warning signs of potential violence
  • Threat Assessment - Case Studies:
    • The disgruntled employee – listening to complaints
    • The employee on the edge – getting professional help
    • The distressed employee - recognizing the signs of stress
    • The divorced/separated employee – protecting against domestic violence

The Remedial Process - What (and What Not) to Do  

  • The warning signs of escalation
  • Investigating threats and violent incidents
  • Appropriate corrective action and precautions
  • Case studies

Emergency Response – What Actions to Take

  • The use of weapons
  • The use of force
  • The suicide threat
  • The harasser
  • The stalker

The Post Incident Recovery

  • Procedures for addressing and reporting violence
  • The role of law enforcement
  • Trauma counseling
  • Employee assistance programs

Program Length:  One 8-hour session

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