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Human Resource Consulting

Recruitment.  Need help hiring?  Our recruitment professionals can lend a hand.

Job Descriptions.  When is the last time you've updated job descriptions?  Our automated task analysis saves time in the validation process and builds the foundation for writing legally-defensible job descriptions.

Performance Management Specialists: COMPASS Program.  Will your performance appraisal system hold up in court?  Do your managers base evaluations on vague and subjective criteria?   Our performance management specialists will write objective standards that reflect what is expected of top performers on the job and a compensation system that reinforces it.

Coaching and Counseling Experts.  Our coaching and counseling experts can provide on-going assistance to deal with problem employees and diffuse difficult situations before they escalate. 

Need Help?  Who has the staff to do employee attitude surveys, analyze training needs, develop training programs, implement process improvement, and write new procedures?  We do, and we are at your service.

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