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Telephone Techniques

Many organizations feel that handling customers over the phone is as easy as picking up the phone.  In reality, communicating with customers over the phone often creates as many problems as it solves.  One important reason is that it is more difficult to communicate and establish rapport on the telephone.  Without the visual signals that help you observe customer reactions and concerns, misunderstandings occur and wrong conclusions are made.  And without proper training, communication skills are limited and frustration is high on both sides of the line.  These important skills need to be learned, practiced, perfected and reinforced.  Professional telephone usage cannot be taken for granted . . . it is the lifeline to your business.  

Participants will learn to:

  • Assess their own skills as telephone professionals
  • Value their role in customer service
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective telephonist
  • Prepare for calls, keep written records and take accurate messages
  • Refer to the caller and identify themselves properly
  • Use voice, tone, pitch and speed effectively
  • Correctly transfer calls and put customers on hold
  • Give customers their full attention
  • Listen, ask questions, clarify information and confirm understanding
  • Handle complaints tactfully and keep a positive attitude under stressful conditions
  • Develop helpful “scripts” for routine and special situations
  • Problem solve for improved service

Who Should Attend:  Individuals who have contact with customers using the telephone.

Methodology:  Role plays, structured exercises, group discussions, video, self-assessment instruments.  

Program Length:  One 8-hour session

Group Size:  Maximum 15 participants.  Practice exercises will include 5 groups of three.

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