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The Team Approach to Quality Customer Service

Everyone in the organization is responsible for quality customer service - both the front line customer service personnel who service the customer directly and the personnel who support them.  This program is designed to bring team members or departments together who depend on each other to deliver quality customer service. 

The team approach acknowledges that training front line service providers is only one part of developing quality service.  Without help from the support staff, other departments, and management, front-line service providers may not be able to do their jobs well.  They may take the “heat” for poor service, but in many cases are not to blame. Having to take the blame without finding solutions is what leads to frustration, low morale, stress, apathy and turnover.  It takes a dedicated team, both frontline and behind the scenes, to deliver consistent quality service with a smile.

The program is divided into 3 parts.  Each part is designed to reach a specific goal that directly relates to the ability to deliver high quality service.  Participants will work together to identify who their customers are (both inside and outside the organization), what their customers need, how to meet their needs and how to overcome the barriers to providing quality service with the available resources.  At the end of this program, each customer service team will have met the following goals:

  1. Identified what their customer wants and expects in terms of customer service.
  2. Identified how they measure up to those expectations.
  3. Identified what is helping them meet those expectations and what is preventing them from doing it.
  4. Analyzed possible solutions for eliminating the problems
  5. Created an implementation plan for solving the problems
  6. Assessed how well their solutions solved the problem.

The immediate benefits to this program are two-fold:  the participants solve various customer service problems and they learn the skills to solve their own problems in the future.  This problem-solving approach also leads to improved communication and morale, better teamwork and cooperation, increased enthusiasm for the job and improved productivity.  The most important part of the process is the direct involvement of the customer service team in solving their problems together.

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