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Team of Two for Managers and Their Support Staff

This course provides support staff with meaningful, vital information that can be used at once to take on more responsibilities, lighten many of the tasks of the managers they support and gain a new kind of job satisfaction.  Taking into consideration the expectations and concerns of both the office worker and the staff they support, participants learn to take the initiative and increase responsibilities without waiting to be told what to do.  The course is designed to sharpen interpersonal skills in handling even the most challenging situations with bosses, internal and external customers.  It provides new insights into the important function that the office worker serves as well as the motivation and skills to perform those functions well.

Who should attend: Office workers and individuals who function as support staff, such as secretaries, administrative assistants, clerical personnel and their managers.  Managers are asked to attend a 3-hour session.

Course Objectives:

  • To identify the most crucial functions that support staff performs
  • To develop skills for working together effectively and efficiently
  • To learn how to maximize your time and your boss’s productivity
  • To learn your boss’s priorities and get them accomplished
  • To handle multiple priorities and schedule realistic deadlines
  • To handle even the most sensitive interpersonal situations in the office
  • To communicate more effectively with your boss and others
  • To get your ideas across in 30 seconds or less
  • To get your boss to give you more responsibility
  • To be able to give and received constructive criticism
  • To overcome personality and other conflict situations
  • To learn and apply the basic principles of working together as a team.

Methodology:  This program utilizes video, group discussion, structured exercises, practice exercises, self-assessment and a question and answer segment.  

Program Length: One 8-hour session for participants and one 3-hour session with the participants and their supervisors

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