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Customer Service on the Front Line

Customer service is a unique product. It cannot be manufactured, stockpiled, and quality tested in advance. We have one chance to deliver it and if we fail, it cannot be recalled, replaced or refunded.  The damage is done. Although it is an intangible item, it is an experience that customers feel instantaneously.  And it is not good service unless the customer thinks it is.

Those that deliver customer service are unique as well.  They are under constant pressure from the customer to meet today’s needs with increasing speed and accuracy.  As a result, our service providers need special support and training to give them the skills and expertise needed to deliver first class service with the care and respect our customers deserve.   This program is an investment in one of our most important assets, our front-line staff, and is guaranteed to bring high returns in increased business, referrals and profits.

Participants will learn:

  • Who are their customers (both internal and external) and what do their customers want when it comes to service?
  • Assessing your High Tech and High Touch skills needed to deliver quality service
  • The role that everyone plays in supporting external and internal customer service
  • How personal attitudes towards customers influence outcomes
  • The concept of psychologically self-employed and how it can improve your service
  • How to identify customer needs and expectations and exceed them
  • How to listen and ask questions to get important information
  • How to design a satisfaction survey for continuous feedback
  • The difference between difficult customers and customers who are just being difficult
  • What to say and what not to say when a customer is upset
  • How to handle complaints skillfully and take criticism constructively
  • How to cope with the pressure of being on the front line
  • How to implement a strategy for improving customer service in your area

Who Should Attend:  All customer service personnel
Methodology:  This program utilizes video, discussion, structured exercises, role play practice and Q & A.

Program Length:  One 8-hour session

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