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Coaching, Counseling and Challenging Employees

Research has shown that high-achieving managers and their direct reports have one thing in common – they know how to manage individual performance.  They’re skilled at setting challenging goals and most important, they are able to coach effectively with day-to-day feedback in order to reach those goals.  This workshop teaches managers the step-by-step process of developing employees to their full potential while building and maintaining positive work relationships.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Establish clear expectations from the start
  • Influence behavior to achieve desired results
  • Counsel poor performers to eliminate undesirable behavior while focusing on the positive
  • Coach average performers to increase productivity and reach their full potential
  • Mentor and develop employee’s skills
  • Give and take constructive criticism
  • Provide on-going feedback that employees will listen to
  • Give meaningful praise that employees will value
  • Set challenging goals that stretch employees to achieve the max (without burn-out)

Who Should Attend:
Managers, supervisors, team leaders, who are responsible for improving the performance of others

Methodology:  This program utilizes video, group discussion, structured exercises, practice exercises and a question and answer segment.

Program Length:  One 8-hour session

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