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Writing & Implementing a Marketing Plan

This workshop is useful for small business owners and service providers who recognize the value of a written marketing plan and the necessity of revising it on a regular basis.  You will learn the elements of a business plan, how to write a good marketing plan and the methods to implement the plan.

Participants will learn:

Part 1: The Research and Analysis

-Finding the positives and negatives about:

  • Your business
  • Your customers
  • Your product
  • Your environment
  • Your marketing approach

-Targeting the Most Attractive Market with Segmentation

Part 2: The Marketing Strategy

-Pre-planning for Success
-Creating a Vision for your Business
-Writing a Mission Statement
-Choosing a Strategy That Will Work
-Setting Specific Goals and Objectives

Part 3: The Marketing Plan

-Putting All the Facts Together
-Developing the Marketing Mix
-Creating an Action Plan
-Making Certain You Achieve Your Goals

Who Should Attend:
Individuals who need to write a marketing plan for their business or service.  

Program Length:  One 8-hour session

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