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The Team Approach to Quality Customer Service


STEP 1.  Service Goals – 1 day
What does it take to keep your customers happy?

Sometimes we think we know what our customers want, but are often surprised when we start asking.  First, the service teams will develop and implement an on-going system for identifying customer’s needs and expectations.  Next they will assess their ability to meet the internal/external customer needs by identifying where they already deliver quality service and why, and the areas that need improvement, and why.

STEP 2.  Implementation Plan – 1 day
How can we improve?

Implementing a service improvement plan requires cooperation at all levels- support staff, management and technical experts. In this session, the service team participates in the process of identifying the problems and finding the root causes of the problems. They analyze the benefits, cost and impact of each solution and choose the best approach for delivering quality service.


STEP 3.  Measurement and Feedback – 1 day
How are we doing?

Evaluating the success of their solutions is an on-going process.  The participants use their own customer feedback instrument to measure customer satisfaction and make adjustments as needed.  By evaluating their solutions’ effectiveness, they can track and report progress and reward positive results.

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