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Succession Planning

One of the major reasons why newly promoted leaders fail is because each successive leadership transition creates a more demanding environment from the previous level.  Each transition takes the leader away from the environment in which the leader was successful.  The leader moves from direct control to the work of a team.  Then the leader moves from the work of a team into the ambiguous and lonely world of strategic planning, flawless execution and critical networking.  As the individual moves up the ladder, the expectations that the leader is prepared to handle the next step becomes stronger until he or she is left alone to figure out how to succeed in their new environment.  “It’s lonely at the top” becomes more than just words, it’s the new reality.   More than 50% of 800 newly promoted leaders wished they had received clear performance expectations, better models of success, and better networking assistance.  

The single most important action an employer can take to create better leaders is to promote the right leaders.   Organizations often rely on past performance to predict future success rather than focus on the competencies needed to succeed at the next level.

This program will help your organization develop top leaders by:

  • Determining the competencies needed to succeed in your work environment and create a model for success
  • Assessing the candidate’s qualifications and experience needed to meet the requirements of the competency model
  • Determining the areas for development lacking in the individual
  • Creating a development plan of training, mentoring and coaching to develop and reinforce the required competencies
  • Implementing a multi-rater feedback mechanism to continuously assess and improve the candidate’s competency level.

Methodology:  Assessment, coaching sessions, multi-rater evaluations and development planning sessions.  

Program Length:  One 8-hour session with a 360 assessment of participants and optional executive coaching.

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