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The Power of Empowerment

Venting can be a healthy outlet for frustrations, but when the “Ain’t it awful” lament gets out of control, everyone suffers.  It begins with someone complaining about what’s wrong with the organization.  Then others join in with “You think that’s bad, how about this”.  It goes around and around in a downward spiral and, if left unchecked, can take morale and productivity right down the drain.  Everyone begins to feel powerless.

This program is designed to refocus negative behavior into positive change and results.  It helps energize individuals to do what needs to be done to make a difference, not just what one is told.  It helps managers identify the kind of work environment that develops confidence and competence and helps them overcome the need to micro-manage.  It encourages direct reports to take the initiative and it shows employees when and how to “just do it”.

Participants will learn:

  • The nature and risks of empowerment – What it is. What it is not. And is it what you really want?
  • The use and abuse of power
  • How to create spheres of influence to identify what you can and cannot do to affect change
  • How to move from external control to self-control to autonomy
  • What are you afraid of?  The fear of letting go and how to create a safety net
  • The three sides of effective implementation – the organization, the manager and the individual
  • MBGOOTW (management by getting out of the way)
  • Power sharing that works without giving up your power
  • The type of workplace environment that encourages empowerment - control vs. support
  • How to become “Psychologically Self-employed” within an organization
  • The empowerment matrix – how to inspire the disenfranchised  and rein in the loose cannons

Who Should Attend:  Managers, supervisors, and team leaders
Methodology:  This program utilizes video, group discussion, structured exercises, practice exercises, self-assessment and a question and answer segment.

Program Length:  One 8-hour session

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