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Discipline and Dismissal

According to the most recent EEO statistics, 43% of the charges involved some aspect of the disciplinary action process.  Those costly and time-consuming charges demonstrate two concerns: one is the ability to improve the performance of below standard performers and the other is doing it in a fair, objective and respectful manner.  In this course you will learn how to manage performance from a positive point of view with the understanding that not all employees will respond positively to your attempts to improve their performance.  Since different employees react differently to counseling, no matter how constructive it may be, you will need a strategy for the chronic offender when all else fails and learn how to fire without backfiring.

Guidelines for Disciplinary Action

  • The legal consequences of selective enforcement
  • How to investigate their actions before you take action
  • Steps to progressive discipline

The Disciplinary Interview

  • How to determine if the employee really wants this job
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • How to give and take constructive criticism
  • How to turn a negative into a positive

Legal Issues in Disciplinary Action

  • Why document performance problems?
  • FOSA method of documentation
  • How to avoid claims of discrimination and bias
  • Protecting confidentiality and the right to privacy
  • Negligence claims in disciplinary action

Dismissal – The Last Resort

  • How to prepare for the termination interview
  • How to document a termination
  • How to conduct a termination interview

Who Should Attend:  Managers and supervisors
Methodology:  This program utilizes video, group discussion, structured exercises, practice exercises, assessment tools and a question and answer segment.

Program Length:  One 8-hour session

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